December Beauty Review

1.  The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Body Butter ($20) - I've been obsessed with moisturizers as of late so I thought I'd give this body butter a try especially since it was on sale when I bought it!  I'm a huge fan of rich, super luxe lotions so this body butter totes tickled my fancy.  I definitely don't slather it all over though.  Not because I don't want to, but because I want to save as much as possible.  I only use it on super rough areas like my knees and elbows.  Oh, and it also smells amazing!  
2.  Lashem Extensions in a Bottle ($30) - This mascara supposedly lengthens your lashes in two steps.  The bonding fibers and primer in these brush-on extensions attach to your lashes to create a fuller look, and the volumizing mascara formula contains lash enhancing serum, promoting stronger lashes through continued use. That all sounds great and all, but I had some issues with smudging and clumping.  I also didn't see a difference in length?  I don't know - maybe you'll have a better experience with it.  I personally wouldn't dish out $30 for this *shrugs*
3.  Ahava Caressing Body Sorbet ($26.50) - Hm, I have mixed feelings about this lotion.  It smells like heaven and absorbs quickly, but it's overpriced IMO.  If you have extra moolah to spend try this product out for yourself, but Aveeno will get the job done just as well.
 4.  Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara ($20) - Got this mascara on Black Friday for $10 *pumps fist* Excited I got to try it because I would've regretted spending $20 on it, haha.  It's decent at best. Biggest issue? Excess mascara on the wand.  It cakes on like no other and ends up smudging and clumping.  It's also a really wet formula so you'll have a "fun" time removing from your upper lid if you mess up.  Oh boy!

...yeah, today's beauty review wasn't very positive, ha.  I apologize! I promise to find BOMB products for y'all next time!  How about you guys though.  Have you tried any AMAZING beauty/makeup products this month?

The Sweater Tunic

For today's post, I've styled a casual look for you guys.  I didn't really feel like dressing up so I copped out and wore a dress with boots.  I REALLY dislike wearing pants & jeans, haha!  Dresses dominate IMO.  Comfy, cute, and form-flattering *steps off soapbox* ANYWHO, back to my OOTD.  Let's start with my new peacoat from +Deb Shops.  This fab piece is available here for $22.50.  It has toggle closures, a fur-trimmed hood, and is a cotton/polyester blend.  I love the design, but I'm not crazy about the faux-fur.  It looks a little TOO faux if you get my drift, haha.  It's a good coat for the price.  Keeps you nice and warm!
This Deb dress, on the other hand, is a real winner.  The crochet trim is adorable, and the dress flatters like whoa.  If you find it to be a bit short, just throw on a pair of opaque black tights.  Problem solved *grins*  Available here for $16.25.
OH, I almost forgot to tell you guys about my new necklace from +INPINK.  This gorgeous piece is available HERE for $55.  Pricy but worth it.  The black gems and rhinestones are soooo sparkly. Hashtag such pretty bling. The matching teardrop dangle earrings (not pictured) are also totes adorbs.
A closer look at my boots courtesy of +AMI Clubwear.  Love, love, LOVE these boots.  They're SO freakin' comfy, and they're cute as hell.  4-inch wedge heels?  I think yes!  I seriously recommend pickin' up a pair!  Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below...
Necklace:  c/o Inpink ($55)
Boots: c/o amiclubwear ($54.99)
Dress:  c/o Deb ($16.25)
Coat: c/o Deb ($22.50)

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After Midnight

Thrilled to feature another evening gown on Sensible Stylista.  This stunning number is a serious must-have - it's glam and classy all at the same time.  Oh, and it's only $34.99 (!!!) Well, technically it's $69.98, but it's on sale so yeah *grins* Bargain shopping FTW.  Anywho, I'd recommend sizing up (since it's an asian brand), but this piece fits true to size.  I ordered a medium, and it was far too bit!  Just givin' you guys a heads up. 
This gorgeous dress is a lovely choice for ladies of all ages!  What do you guys think of the design? 

Dress:  c/o Light in the Box ($34.99)
Clutch:  c/o Handbag Heaven ($15.99)
Earrings:  c/o Blackfive ($9.99)

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